Automatic Transposition Issue?

• Mar 20, 2020 - 02:32

I'm writing a piece that includes the Clarinet in G, as I'm anticipating having one, and when writing in concert pitch, everything is well and good, but inputting a concert G and then disabling concert pitch notation, it's converted to a B#? I've determined this to be that when in the Staff Properties menu, the transposition settings are as follows:

Transpose Down an Augmented Third (-5)

The [Augmented Third (-5)] Part is the issue here.
When I change this to be [Perfect Fourth (-5)], the transposition works properly.
How can I go about making it default to [Perfect Fourth (-5)]?

There are 3 attached Images.
The one with "CPE" in it's title is as written in concert pitch.
The one with "CPD" in it's title is as transposed by default.
The one with "CPDPT" in it's title is as it should be transposed.


Augmented third is certainly the wrong transposition. Seems to be a bug in the instruments.xml file, I suggest you submit a bug report to the issue tracker (see Support menu above). Meanwhile, changing it in your score will work for now.

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