Tracking cursor in playback

• Mar 21, 2020 - 17:32

I'm trying to change which note/measure the playback cursor is on. I practice certain passages with MuseScore and would like my eye to focus anywhere from 0.5 a measure to 1.5 measures ahead of what I'm playing. Does someone know if this is possible? Or even how to turn off the cursor? Thanks


I'm working on the ability to turn off the playhead during playback. There are no plans to make it possible to have the playhead show the future position.

i asked for this feature sometime ago but got no answer
without this it is impossible to learn to sightread or to practice longer pieces with musescore

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Keeping the current measure centered - or at left, or whever - is quite simple, I did a trial implementation and posted a link to a build. People were pretty unanimous in not actually liking it nearly as much as they thought they would. The issue is there is no easy way to make it really smooth, it jumps rather than scrolls.

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