New Parts added not appearing in Score?

• Mar 22, 2020 - 09:43

I have added a couple of new parts to my arrangement by using FILE / PARTS! They appear in the list in both the 'All Parts' & 'Single Parts' sections, and also appear in the Parts Bar above the score, but they are not appearing the actual score? How do I have them appearing the score?


My guess is you have Hide empty staves turned on, and the staves are empty since you just added them. But if that's not it, indeed, if you attach the score, we can do better than guess.

EDIT: hmm, another guess: you mention using File / Parts, but don't mention actually adding new instruments. So now I'm thinking, you merely created a new "part" for an existing instrument, and never added a new instrument to the score at all.

If indeed the problem is that you have not added the instruments, go to the score and press "i". There you will be able to add the instruments.

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