Binary Code to Sheet Music?

• Mar 24, 2020 - 00:19

Hello, everyone, it's cochranizer again,

So I just had this idea for a plugin, but obviously I don't really know how to code, otherwise I wouldn't be posting this thread, or someone else would.

Anyway, just like my idea for Morse code to sheet music, I would like to type text, select which notes go on which part of the scale, which tempo, which instrument, etc...then have the plugin convert it to binary code, then it would convert that binary code to sixteenth notes and eighth notes, and finally put the notes on the assigned scales.

So my question is, is this plugin already invented? If so, can someone point to me the GitHub link? If not, can someone guide me on how to program it? (Or program it him/herself?)

Thanks a million :)


Indeed, ABC is a simple, widely used, and yet extremely sophisticated system for typing music as text, and the converters already exist for it. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

This is Mary Had a Little Lamb:

B A G A | B B B2 | A A A2 | B d d2 |
B A G A | B B B B | A A B A | G4 |]

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