Adding lyrics from another sheet music.

• Mar 25, 2020 - 06:38

i discovered if I use snipping tool and clipped around the rectangle of lyrics and cntrl c , I can click on the first note in the score and copy the lyrics. Then stretch it out to line against the notes.

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BTW; this score is is pretty much screwed up, it shows 4 beats per measure but really should be in 3/4, so all those rests on the 4th beat don't belong there. It apparently stems from:

which had been created (or at least last saved and uploaded) using MuseScore 1.3, but with added lyrics and the import into 3.4.2 screwed up the actual and nominal measure durations to 4/4.

Attached a fixed version, first imported into 2.3.2, added a 3/4 time signature and hide it via staff properties, then imported into 3.4.2.
Actually it can get imported into 3.4.2 directly, then adding and hiding 3/4 time signature.

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