realise chord playback

• Mar 25, 2020 - 08:21

I tried the new feature in the nightly build made a line for guitar and entered the chord C .
the message was invalid selection cannot realize chords
this way worked well when it first was implemented in meuescore development


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You're not normally supposed to need to use the Realize Chord Symbol command at all - it's only for cases where you want the notes visible. If you want to hear playback but not see the notes, simply make sure you have chord symbol playback enabled in Edit / Preferences / Note Input.

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We are definitely interested in feedback on how to expose these options better. We are considering the possibility of making the chord symbols play by default in new scores at least, but requiring you to go to the mixer to unmute the "harmony" channel to get playback in older scores (since we assume people won't want existing scores to suddenly start playing differently by default). We definitely do not expect people to use the explicit "realize chords" very often.

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Well, no. Having chord symbols attached to a flute or SATB (or any singing voice) just sounds horrible and by no means as anyone would ever expect it to (should probably be piano or guitar in those cases). And it changes the score (sound) rendering quite a lot, so should not be done automatically, but need to be a conscious decision.
For existing scores that is (I'd really hate to have go through all my 600+ scores to fix their playback, esp. on, we may want a different default for new scores though.

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