Use Final barlines after system break

• Mar 25, 2020 - 17:19

System break is a very comfortable tool to connect short pices in one document.
Usually a section ends always with a final barline - an not with a single one.

Can this option be done automatically ?


If it'd be done automatically, it needs to be configurable too, for those cases where it is not wanted.

Could be a property of the section break, along with pause. long part names and resetting measure count.

Feel free to file in the issue tracker as a Suggestion

I hope you mean "section break" rather than "system break". System break just forces the next bar to appear on the following system. It is used to adjust the layout of single pieces and a double bar following each one would be horrid.

Section break is used to separate movements or pieces. There is usually (but not always) a double bar at the end of each section, but the style of the double bar varies. Sometimes it is a standard double bar, sometimes it is a thin+thick variety and of course, sometimes it is a repeat. Is it really worth automating. A double bar will not be wanted sometimes, other times an automatic choice will not provide the type of double bar that is wanted. Adding the double bar of choice is not such a great effort.

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Oops, I read section break. Only for those it makes sense. And hadne't though about non-end barlines or normal barlins, so only about a simple check mark "use end barline". With the other options, end repeat, and double barline and maybe even more the entire thing becomes to complicated to be worth the effort IMHO, for a relative rare case of section breaks.

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