Beaming Quavers In pairs.

• Mar 26, 2020 - 10:02

Can anyone let me know if it possible to beam Hi-hat quavers in pairs, so I have 4 seperate note groups in each bar. this is easier for students to read, as I write with all stems up.
The default groups them in 4's.
Many thanks, Geoff Battersby.


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" I've tried using the change the default beaming without success."

  1. You need to follow the "change the default beaming" instructions after selecting the relevant time signature on your score. The changed beaming then applies, but only until your next change of key signature.

  2. If you want that different beaming to apply to that time signature every time, you need to create a modified time signature in your Time Signatures palette. See the More option in the Time Signature palette, and use the Create time signature button. Change the default time signature properties to the result you want, then click the Add button. You will now have two visually identical time signatures in your Time Signatures palette, so you need to add a Name property to describe the new (modified) time signature. Right-click the new time signature in the palette and select Properties, then add a suitable description in the Name property (e.g. "duplet beaming").

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