Violin Midi

• Mar 26, 2020 - 12:42

Hello - I have got an issue here with my student which we have been trying to fix it for hours and hours. It is a violin part involved pizz. and arco playing. We put on the pizz. in the middle of the composition and change it back to arco two bars after. However, the midi doesn't seem to understand the violin part needs to play on arco, it turns out the violin part is playing pizz. all the way through til the end. Could you please advise what we can do to sort out this problem. Many thanks.


It is a bug (of mine) fixed in the current development builds and as such in 3.5.

Hmm, I don't find it, maybe I miss remember and it was the 'open' text for trumpets?
Ah, no, I remembered the 'straight' text issue, entirely different story...

Anyway: check the properties of the "Arco" text and make sure it does indeed switch to the Acro channel for all the desired voices. By default it does that for voice 1 only for some stupid reason (seems a bug to me, but the "pizz." and "Tremolo" texts do the same, i.e. switch voice 1 only)

If that doesn't help, please attach your score.

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