Audio upload not working

• Mar 26, 2020 - 21:08

When I try to upload my pieces onto through the software, it will export unusually fast, as well as upload audio unusually fast. It will also appear to have been uploaded successfully, but when I check the piece will appear functional, until attempting to playback audio. It tries to play it, but can't (see what I mean here:…).

Again, this happens with all of my pieces. Not just this one. I feel that the problem is related to the synthesizer, because it's more finicky than usually. It will crash if I try to change synth settings or save online while it's loading (right after startup), which did not happen before. I reinstalled Musescore with no results.

The problem started as around a 60% chance within the past day, but at one point in the evening the problem became 100% chance of happening. I looked on the forums for help, but it's hard to find a case of failed upload like mine.


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