Cross-staff slurs

• Mar 29, 2020 - 13:04

Yes, the ctrl-S works. But there is an unavoidable extension of distance between the two staves. Which makes for a messy mss. Appreciate help on how to compensate. i.e. reduce the affected staff distance.

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I don't see any cross-staff slur in that score, just cross staff notes in measure 5 (with a slur), is that what you mean? Don't see any effect of it to the staff distance though.

Looks like you are using a pretty old version of MuseScore (score says it was saved in 3.0.2). Many things have been fixed/improved in the year or so since then, including behavior of cross staff notation. Your score looks fine to me in the current version (3.4.2). So I recommend updating.

Thanks for taking an interest. I
As advised I updated ver.3 and it did indeed solve part of the problem. However you'll see in bars 7 and 15 (updated file attached) what happens when the slur goes up and down throughout the bar--it still extends the inter-staff spacing. If that could be solved it would be great.
An alternative would be to let that happen and decrease the inter-staff spacing in those bars later. But I don’t know how to do that, or if it would work.
Peter E.

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