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• Mar 29, 2020 - 23:38

Hi everyone,
I try to enter notes in a system with exactly the same note spacing regardless of the note value but unsuccessful.
Is there any way to do this?
You know what I mean; when I insert a quarter note isn't the same space after that note like space after whole note. I am interested in settings for exactly the same distance between notes regardless of the value of each note.
Thank you in advance.




It took half a millennium to progress from this type of spacing:
to MuseScore 3 - with its computer assisted engraving, featuring automatic placement.

If you wish to buck the trend, you can 'force' MuseScore to bend to your will.
For example, see::
and look for 'Offset X/Y' - which is the tool for positioning score elements.

However, a graphics program in which one can enter musical glyphs and have absolute control over spacing might be a better match for your purpose.

Regards, and welcome aboard.

This is normally incorrect spacing, so I wouldn't do it for actual music. If it's just for some special graphic purpose, like a poster or maybe some sort of educational handout showing note values only, you could add the notes using Symbols from that palette (press "Z" to display). Or, you could enter the notes all as quarter notes or whatever, then use the Inspector to change noteheads, hide stems, etc.

If that doesn't solve your problem, please explaining your special case in more detail - ideally with a sample score - so we can understand and assist better

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Thank you Marc for your answer.
In this photo, we see one system with different values of notes. That's how MuseScore placed notes automatically. Also, you can see different distances (spaces) after every single note. For example, after half the note isn't the same distance as after quarter note or after semiquaver notes.
My question is:
Is there any way to automatically (without manually adjust) placed notes with exactly the same distance between each note?
I think it's easier to read notes for choral singing if notes are placed on the same distance.
Thank you in advance.

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Notes are being places in different distances as per their duration (not quite double the distance for double the duration, but proportional), this does make scores more readable.The above antique example shows this quite clearly, it is basically unreadable. Your example though is readable. Because if the varying distances.
And no, MuseScore does not provide any automatic means of not having it that way.
For Choral notes there's another factor that influences the spacing thought: the lyrics, esp. long syllables.

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As others have said, It's definitely not easier to if you eliminate these important visual cues as to duration. It's an essential part of how we process written music subconsciously, and there's a reason why it is the universal norm to space notes according to duration.

But also as mentioned, in choral music, the lyrics too will affect spacing, the space between shorter notes is automatically increased as necessary to accommodate lyrics.

So again, unless you are designing your own experimental notation, please do not go out of your way to force non-standard notation - it will absolutely make it harder for others to read.

That said, should you ever go into the business of designing your own experimental notations, the suggestions I gave previously as to how this can be done would still apply.

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I copied your Example.png into MuseScore to show the comparative proportionality as measures get compressed.
As you compare I to IV, perhaps IV might be more to your liking;

Even though all the examples above are not spaced equally, there is much less 'emptiness' between the notes of IV compared to I. However, there is still a variable, but successively smaller, distance between the notes in each line of music.
Indeed, the tighter spacing may even seem to approach equality as the measures crowd together from I to IV.

Here's the MuseScore file:

Also, as mentioned earlier, adding lyrics can impact note spacing.


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