Voice #2 Unwanted Rests

• Mar 30, 2020 - 02:04

When adding notes to voice #2 the rests remain even though the measure has all the notes allowed. Why doesn't the program change the rest value as you add notes and if all the notes satisfy the measure there are no more rests? This is how voice #1 works. Why is voice #2 different? And how do I turn this off without having to manually go through each rest and delete it or make it invisible? In my example I have 4 quarter notes in a measure that is 4:4 timing yet the rest remains in the measure?


You wrote:
In my example I have 4 quarter notes in a measure that is 4:4 timing yet the rest remains in the measure?

Please attach the example so someone here can actually see what you see. Then they will be able to provide a precise response.

it isn't voice #2 that is different, but voice #1. voice #1 needs to exist and be complete (filling the entire measure), voices #2-#4 can have 'holes' or can be missing entirely.

Indeed, without seeing the score, it's a little hard to know what you mean. But I can guess that for some reaosn you have decided to enter four quarter notes in voice 2 while leaving voice 1 empty? Why did you do that. Normally the only reason to do that would be that you do want to show the voice 1 rest (eg, in a piece where maintaining the separation of the voices throughout is essential, like perhaps a fugue, or where you want to make clear that the altos are singing but the sopranos are resting, etc). So assuming you just want to see the four quarter notes and no rests, the normal way to do that is just enter them into voice 1.

Again, if that doesn't help, please attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

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Voice #1 has a whole note in it so that is not the issue. Voice #2 has four quarter notes in it so there should be no rests in the measure yet there is. Had the same problem in Sibelius and no one was able to figure out why. In the one measure the rest is light due to my manually hiding it. However, it shouldn't be there in the first place. Also if I select the rest it shows it as a voice #1 rest.

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It's impossible to say for sure from just a picture, we'd need the actual score. But my best guess is, you are confusing voices with staves. Each staff has up to four voices, and each staff needs to start with voice 1. My guess is you did not in fact enter anything into voice one on the bottom staff but instead mistakenly thought you were supposed to start with voice 2. Solution is to re=enter the music correctly, in voice 1. You may also be able to select the content of the staff and move them into voice 1 using the voice buttons on the toolbar.

Have you got a Voice 1 on the top stave and a Voice 1 AND a Voice 2 on the bottom stave? Each stave can have Voices 1 thru 4. As advised above, attach the score.

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