la melodia ben tenuto with legato

• Mar 31, 2020 - 21:36

Hi! I have the style marking "la melodia ben tenuto," which I understand to mean "the melody well-held," together with an initial articulation marking of legato, which together I take to mean, basically, the entire melody of the piece should be played legato; none of the individual notes are marked legato, however, and I'd like my MuseScore score display to be as "loyal" to my printed version as possible. I know I can Select All and then select the legato articulation to get everything performed legato, but when I select one of the markings and then look for a "select all similar" function so as to render them all invisible, I find no such functionality. Is there an efficient way to "instruct" MuseScore's performance to be uniformly legato without having every note visibly marked legato? Thanks!


There is indeed a "select all similar" function, you'll see it if you right-click (ctrl+click or two-finger tap on computers with no two right-button).

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