Virtual Recorder Consort - Pitch problems

• Apr 1, 2020 - 09:45

We are in Lockdown. So all my music ensemble groups are cancelled. Boring!!! So I really am enjoying playing my recorder along with Musescore, I call it the Virtual Recorder Consort. I play one part and the computer plays the rest. Seems to work very well. A big thanks for anyone who has put quartets/quintets on here because I am probably playing along with them. Staying sane!!

But a friend says that his computer plays sharp so he cannot do it.

I have tried altering the pitch in the Advanced properties but it makes no difference.

Does anyone know how to sort this please?


To be clear, the master tuning should be in View / Synthesizer / Tuning. Not sure what was meant by advanced properties, the synthesizer is the place to change the tuning., so be sure that is where he is going. By default, the tuning is A=440, the modern standard, but of course many early music ensembles might tune differently.

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