Adding chord names between bars - where lyrics already reside

• Apr 2, 2020 - 04:04

On a score with linked TAB and (treble) Clef:

  • I have lyrics underneath the TAB/Clef notations
  • The first time a new chord appears I had placed
    the Chord name (e.g. like thus: DMaj7) above
    the Tab Clef notation.
    (I.e. Chord names above music notation, lyrics below)

  • Initially when I 1st wrote the score on Musescore, I was not familiar with the formatting
    of system breaks so I had a continuous score with various numbers of bars on each line (as the "system" choose)

  • I learned about system breaks and applied them to the score

BUT when I applied 4 bars per line using the format/system brakes option, the initial Chord names stayed in the equivalent original position and did not shift with the new 4 bars per line formation.

I was able to align the chords that appeared on the first line, but had to remove/delete the others as the position for these had now shifted to the next line.

My Problem now is that when I take my cursor to the desired position and "click" to add the chord names nothing happens
(NB: there are lyrics, but these successfully moved in the correct positions with the new format.)

(NB: On the 1st line there were no lyrics as at this point it was a musical INTRO, which might explain why the chord notations were able to be entered, originally.)

I suspect that the problem is around the lyrics
already being in position... or something of this ilk.?

Maybe I need to add "lines" or something between the bars so that there is a position/space for extra notes such as chord names or something of this order.

In the attached screenshot you can see the chord names are now stretching beyond the page border.
The first 3 chord names DMaj7 E6 and AMaj7 I can re-position correctly (by deleting the "extras". and then placing these 3 chords in there correct lined up position on that line.)
But I am unable to subsequently add in the "extras" in their correct positions on subsequent lines.

Are you able to help me.

many thanks

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Indeed, it's hard to understand from just a picture, but my guess is, you didn't add the chord symbols correctly in the first place. Either you used plain text (Ctrl+T) rather than true chord symbols (Ctrl+K), or you attached them to one beat then moved them to appears as if they were over another, and that indeed won't survive changes to measure widths, or otherwise have things not set up properly. Because normally everything would just work,

So please attach your score and we can advise better.

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