Way to lock number of measures per system?

• Apr 2, 2020 - 20:40

Is there a way to lock the number of measures per system so that when inputting notes, the system isn't automatically reformatted? I'm trying to set up an assignment which is 8 measures per system. However, when I start inputting some notes, the program automatically moves one measure to a new system. I can still see the system break at the end of the eighth measure, but there is some sort of "soft return" at the seventh measure which forces the eighth measure on to a new system. The "before" and "after" files show what is happening.

Is there a way to stop this from happening?


FWIW, the only reason this is happening here is because the normal settings for space before and after the barline and for minimum measure width has been overridden. I get the desire to add more space before/after the barline for worksheets like this, but it's too much in this particular case. And the change to minimum measure width shouldn't be needed here at all; the measures will be as wide as they need to be once you add the line breaks. So I'd back off these settings, and then you should find things fitting more naturally. But in the places where you want squeeze more onto a system than what your settings would otherwise suggest, select the measures you want squeezed and press "{" as needed to decrease stretch.

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Thanks to you both. I went with decreasing the stretch. Actually, I had forgotten that I had increased the spacing before and after the barlines and around the accidentals. I had done that without being aware that it could change the formatting when adding other notes. Thanks again.

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