Repetition in score not reflected in mp3 export

• Apr 3, 2020 - 11:38

Not a very serious issue, but if I export a MuseScore file as an mp3 using File/Export, a repetition in the score is not taken into account. I am using the latest MuseScore version:

E.g. in

The workaround is of course to just copy the measures, which is not problematic in this case.

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The MP3 downloaded from and the one I generated after having downloaded the score both have the repeat.
I guess you had 'Play Repeats" buddon in the toolbar (that ":|") disable when you generated the MP3

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Thanks! Well I was not aware of the existene of the repeat button, at least I never used it. Indeed when I have this button enabled it generates an mp3 with the repeat.

But I noticed that when I open MuseScore and subsequently the MuseScore file with the repeat, it just applies the repeat when playing, even when the repeat button is not enabled.
When I then select the repeat button, and deselect it again, the repeat is not applied as one would have expected in the first place (at least with the knowledge of the existence of the repeat button).
So it seems that the default behavior after opening MuseScore is "repeats on" even when the state of the repeat button does not reflect that.

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