organizing bars, what am I doing wrong ?

• Apr 4, 2020 - 15:02

Hi all,
I am using rev. 3.3.4
I downloaded the musescore file for the musescore website and I have the pdf already.

I am having a technical issue (not music issue), if you compare the pdf vs the mscz file;
on measure number 42 line
Pdf has 4 bars, musescore has 3.
Normally I remove the (system break) add it at the bar I need ; and done !!
For some reason nothing is working here, I even tried adding a blank measure, copy and paste then put the system break but it won’t do it.
What am I doing wrong ?
I realize it’s not that important to match the two files, but I would like to why I can't fix something simple that I've done many times before.

Thank you,


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