OT: Maybe someone could help to listen out the chord progression

• Apr 5, 2020 - 14:00

Sorry for being OT, It does not really have anything to do with the application itself. But for an arrangement of this song I would like to add similar chord progressions of jazz chords (not only triads) as in the video. For me probably it will take a long time to listen it out (if I'm even capable to it ;). So maybe for someone who's more familiar with it, I appreciate suggestions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Jxcg32_0Rk


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Thanks for your response. Yes I did a research on web. The original song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBkPARPm-Mc), although it's very popular in Germany, it's too boring in my taste (other will probably/surely disagree ;-). It isn't difficult for me to arrange the original score (Cm, Ab, Bb, G7 and so on).
If I'm not wrong, this Jazz arrangement is written in Am, but it wouldn't be difficult for me to transpose it to another key signature. My challenge is to figure out the jazz chord progressions, rhythm, walking bass and so on ;-). And to be sure: it's only for private use.

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Indeed. "Ear Training" in school was just that. We would listen to things and then write them out. Use MuseScore to help with that. Perhaps don't concentrate just on chords. Get the basic base line first and maybe basic melody. Then an inner voice or two. Then the chords will come from that. And the chords will help with other voices. There isn't a set order, it depends on the music.

They don't use very complex chords.
They just play beautiful :)

I wrote some jazz chords according to the melody that this band played (but the chords I wrote are not the chords they use).
But I think the melody is copyrighted and I don't know how I can show you the chords that should have been on the melody without writing the melody here.

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The problem is that the melody I wrote is different from the original, because I tried to imitate the melody in the jazz version in the video. For this reason, the chords I wrote will not work without the tune.

And I think I found a way.
It doesn't seem to violate something exactly: because only chords are visible.

Tip: Download the attached file, open it, and press play.

And I should warn you not to try to see hidden instruments.
Of course, I have to mention that this is for education and training purposes and not for commercial use.

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Sorry for late reply (last days I needed time for recovering ans rest - sometimes in these days I still took a look in the forum: one user asked concerning to change the beaming of notes and in rush I replied concerning possibilities of changing rests ;-)

What a great ressource. For practicing reharmonization (but also for syncopation). And be sure, it's only for private use.

So thanks again very much :-).

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Thanks all for replies. Surely the melody of the original score) is copyrighted (but surely not the chords/chordprogressions ;). I accept it for myself (and maybe consequences) here to attache an (created in 10 minutes) rudimentary Lead sheet of the original score.
At time my regular job eats up a lot of my time (12/13 hours the day -but please don't feel sorry for me. I'm sure I'm one of many these days ;). Hope I'll find more time next weekend to continue and play around with this arrangement (chords, rhythm, bass line and so on) and read your responses - from fast listening of the first video link at least I think, they are using also some major 7th chords in some measures.
I hope, you stay all well

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