Rhythm corrections within imported PDFs

• Apr 5, 2020 - 22:49

After importing PDF scores, several measures have more or less beats than the indicated time signature because, for example, quarter notes get changed to eighth notes and/or vice versa.

Other than manually correcting each affected individual measure (as I have been doing utilizing the measure duration box - please see attached screen shot), is there a better way to make these corrections, and, if so, in a way that will not require manually applying this method to each individual incorrect measure?

Thank you.

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Removing additional beats can also be done by selecting them and using Tools → Remove selected range which by default is linked to the shortcut Ctrl/Cmd-Del

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Can you share the score and list the exact steps you took? "Remove selected range" never rewrites notes, it only removes the beats of what you selected.

As I mentioned, it is but a quicker way than having to browse through the measure properties dialog in setting the actual duration. There is no function to clip/expand all irregular measures to the time signature. One of the difficulties with such a function would be that shortening a measure always cuts of the end; but you might very much be wanting to cut the middle instead..

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Thank you for your reply.

Since you have answered my question that it is not possible for Musescore to obey the time signature simultaneously for all incorrect imported measures, I will make the corrections as I have or try again to use your method.

Thanks again.

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