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• Apr 5, 2020 - 23:50

Hi. I am trying to put a fall from one measure continuing into the next. I can manipulate the fall (I have chosen 'Slide out down' from the Arpeggios & Glissandi group - although I can't really claim to know what that means - it looks like a 'fall' so I picked it) to go to the next measure (see image 1), but as soon as I do another function, the 'fall' retracts to within the measure it started from (see image 2). If there is another option to create a 'fall' please let me know. thanks. I use this a lot in Big Band and choir music.


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That symbol isn't really designed for that purpose. If you have a specific length for your fall in mind, you might consider also rotating a specific end note, and then using a glissando instead. If you need the symbol to extend across the barline to show the desired length but without a specific end note, you can instead add one of the falls from the Symbols palette (press "Z" to display) then turn off autoplace for it by pressing "=" (or using the Inspector).

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