Set the width of the measures

• Apr 6, 2020 - 08:20

I would like to create a plugins allowing to fix the width of the measures but I cannot find any documentation in French.
I imagine that it should take a few lines, but if you do not know QML which is my case, it is not simple.
Thanks for your help

Je voudrais créer un plugin permettant de fixer la largeur des mesures mais je ne trouve aucune documentation en français.
J'imagine que cela devrait prendre quelques lignes, mais si vous ne connaissez pas QML qui est mon cas, ce n'est pas simple.


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I'm wondering what you're attempting to achieve though. Having equally sized measures makes it notoriously harder to keep track of where you are on a page when playing through the score. Many publishing standards and housed explicitly ask you to not make measures the same width and go out of there way to ensure that.

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Still, there are a few special cases where it can be useful - certain educational contexts, etc. It's also something that people who grew up on handwritten leadsheets have become accustomed to, and even though it's a bad idea in general, it has some advantages where it comes to gauging the spacing of chord symbols specifically.

Rather than thinking about plugins, I'd highly recommend you consider actually getting into the MuseScore source code and implementing this feature again, It actually wouldn't be too hard as long as you don't mind living with the same limitations that MuseScore 1 had (eg, bad things happen if you try to squeeze too much onto a system). I and other would be available to help in the developer chat on Telegram.

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OK, so you're not entering any notes, but creating a chord chart. That makes more sense now indeed, and there lining up the measures is common practice.

Then indeed your solution using minimal measure width setting is a decent one. Be aware that this will stop working as soon as actual notes/rests are entered into the measures.

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