"Color notes" in staff/part properties

• Apr 7, 2020 - 12:51


I think it would be useful to have a "note color" option under the "staff line color" in the staff/part properties. It would allow us to distinguish staves more instantly and avoid us to change note colors each time we make an edition.

A second option would be a drop-down menu with four choices, one color for each voice. That way, the notes would be colored according to their assigned voice (as the plugin "Color Voices" does but not applying to all staves/parts of the score) in addition to their assigned staff/part.




You can use the Color Notes and/or Color Voices plugins Both by default work on the entire score, but also on a selection, if there is one. So if you want it only for one or some of multiple staves (or measures) just select those prior to running those plugins. No need at all for making this a staff property, IMHO.
Also, as color is a part of layout, that does not (and should not) propagate between score and parts. If you want it in either, use the plugins in either

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Colornotes plugin colors the note according to their pitch, so it's not the point. Concerning Color Voices plugin, it indeed colors a selection. But, for example, if you append a bar, or paste bars from other staves/parts, you have to te relaunch the plugin. And I can easily imagine other operations that force us to launch the plugin after each edition. In addition to that, you can't see what note is selected because the voice color #1 of Color Voices is the same as the default note selected color of MuseScore. Other than that, organizing all of our parts via the staff/part properties would be more suitable and customizable. The Color Voices plugin is nice but not so handy in my humble opinion.

I've attempted to edit the colorvoices.qml file to make voice 1 always default to black so that other voices are more easily distinguishable. However, after editing the file, saving and reloading the plugin, the voice 1 color remains blue.

Any advice?

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