Note colour

• Apr 8, 2020 - 11:40

Hi, No doubt I'm missing the obvious! But I need to change the colour of individual notes, to alert fellow players that this particular bar needs careful attention. For example, a bar change of time.

So how do I change the colour of a note, or notes?



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Thank you both. As I suspected, it's simple. Open Inspector, select bar (or note), click on the colour bar in Inspector, select your colour, 'OK' , click on Inspector's 'select colour' - and Bingo!

Slightly red-in-the-face now. But it's not a new experience(!)


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Thanks for the tip BSG. However, my brain collapses in despair when I read about plugins, and couldn't find the 'red note' plugin on the page you indicated.
Now that I have found a solution compatible with my level of software understanding (Inspector), I'm content for now.

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