Transposition of chord name only

• Apr 9, 2020 - 00:59

I am currently creating a score for playing guitar. The melody score is written on the staff of one line, the chord name is written above, and the lyrics are written below. I want to use the code name when using Capo, but when transposing, the whole will be transposed. I transposed only the chord name. Is there any way ?? Also, if you change from "Edit style" to "Capo fret position", the original key will also be displayed, so it will not be displayed beautifully . Please let me know if there is a transposition method using only the chord name.


You are saying you want only the copied chord, not the real chord? That's not very standard in my experience, but if you want that look, you could transpose everything, then transpose just the notes back to where they were, using the arrow keys, or by unchecking the "Transpose chord symbols" option in the transpose dialog.

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