Brackets in the middle of the measure

• Apr 11, 2020 - 17:55

Is there a way to put a bracket say on the 2nd count of a measure? I am working on a choral piece and the composer wants the organ to drop out if the choir is up to it. Is there a way to put a bracket around the organ parts that he wants to drop out?


I'm not sure what kind of bracket you want - a picture would help - but there are tons of symbols available on the Symbols palette - press "Z" to display. These can be added to any note/rest in your score and positioned however you like.

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I am transcribing a piece for choir and organ. There are times in the piece where the composer would like just the choir--if they're up to it--to sing. I still need the organ part there just in case the choir can't do it alone. Is there some way to put a bracket around the organ system and start with the second count of the measure?

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