Local time signatures

• Apr 12, 2020 - 04:47

I'm copying the Planets Suite because I'm bored in quarantine, and at one point, some instruments change time signatures to 2/4 while the rest of the orchestra stays in 6/8. I've attempted to change the local time signature via MuseScore's instructions (CTRL+drag) and I keep getting the same error message, stating that it can't change because the bar is not empty. I attached the file for your reference, I can't seem to find any bugs, but is there a solution or a workaround if I'm that desperate? Thanks in advance!

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III._Mercury,_the_Winged_Messenger.mscz 103.29 KB


What instruments in what measure? Did you try not to hide the empty staves?
Or eliminate the Parts and regenerate them at the end?

Why generate the parts when the score is barely finished?
Get rid of the parts then add the local 2/4 time signature to the main score.

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