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• Apr 14, 2020 - 15:28

I have already written the score. I have a piano part and a voice part. Can I save this together? How?


Can you share your score? Because your question is slightly unclear.

If you have the score, then it contains both instruments, correct? If so, then what do you mean by "saving them together"? How is it different from the file you already have?

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You did not send a piece of the score, but a screenshot of a piece of the score. I can't open your screenshot in musescore to try and see what you mean or how to achieve it.

If you want to generate a part with just the piano and vocal on it, then you'll need to manually generate a part with both instruments in it. See https://musescore.org/en/handbook/parts on how to achieve that. Let us know if you have trouble with one of the listed steps.

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If you literally creating two sperate scores - totally separate files - that you want to combine, then indeed cut and paste is the way. For future reference, it's normally to do it the other way, you create a score that contains both instruments, then when you are done you can generate the separate parts automatically.

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In that case, I'm a little confused, you are saying you don't have separate scores, but one score containing both staves? If so, what exactly is the question? Maybe you just mean, you need to generate parts for the two instruments, using File / Parys? It really helps if you attach the score, then we don't have to guess so much.

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Sorry to have bothered you here Marc. I'm a newbie. I realized that although I have piano and voice in my score as a practice piece it needs to be done in the piano and voice template. I thought at first I could just lift it from the score but then realized I would have to arrange it anyway since the piano has to cover for several instruments. Thank you for your fast response.

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No.. You have the click the link I provided and actually read what is mentioned there. Then you'll realize everything you have is already in your score and it can create a subtab (as Shoichi showed in his screenshot above) that is linked and only contains those two instruments.

No new score creation or even note input or copy pasting is involved here.

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Yes, that would work too. Or even mark them invisible if you want to keep the original playback available.

@OP; to do both of those option, go into Edit → Instruments (or press the default shortcut I)

The main problem in trying to help out here is that we're still quite clueless about what the OP is actually looking for, as no clarification has been given about the desired end result yet.

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