Double the length of all notes

• Apr 14, 2020 - 23:06

I am using MuseScore 3, and I would like to find a way to double the length of all notes ex. 1/4 notes would become 1/2 notes and 1/8 notes would become 1/4 notes. I have seen available plugins like DoubleTime, but I cannot find a version for MuseScore 3. Can anyone help me?


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It's not the only problem:
Assume you have a bar of 3/4 in the middle of the piece. copy & paste will ignore any time signature, and everything will be shifted one bar ahead after this bar.
Instead, what we would want is a tool that doubles every bar and only then copies it in double length

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I was doing this - doubling note values in a 4/4 piece with some irregular bars - just yesterday. My workaround was to first highlight the irregular bars by using a different colour. I then set up a new empty score in 4/2, selected the notes up to the first 3/4 bar, and pasted them in with double note values. Then I created a 3/2 bar, pasted the 3/4 equivalent as before, and so on section by section. The tuplets all converted correctly. It would have been quicker to set up the empty score with the irregular bars first and then paste the all notes in in one go, but I didn’t trust myself not to make some silly mistake.

I agree that a tool to automate this fully would be very useful; meanwhile my method is a big improvement on the days when I had to write everything out by hand.

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