Play button grayed out

• Apr 15, 2020 - 04:21

I opened Musecore for the first time this week when to play a piece I was working on and noticed the play button and tools around were disabled I looked up some fixes none were really helping synthesizer is greyed out to all my drivers are up to date I have reset to factory settings and redownloaded music score


I have the same problem with my bluetooth headphones. This is a pretty poor introduction to Musescore. Why is this basic feature of music creation still a bug in this software?

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Every system is unfortunately different - different devices, different drivers, etc. While MuseScore works perfectly out of the box with 99.99% of all of them, there are always those 0.01% of deivde drivers that are incompatible for whatever reason. Or other conflicts that can occur, such as with other software. If you've verified you've connected the device before starting MsueScore and still aren't getting sound, see for troubleshooting tips.

This might not apply, but the Play button and other features gray out when in Lyrics mode, and maybe others. Be sure you are in normal editing mode (if in lyric mode, click somewhere in the margin of the score to leave lyric mode).

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