electronic instruments

• Apr 17, 2020 - 18:35

I have found the electronic instruments all way to soft. I have to adjust velocity to hear them. Is this a bug? What to do?


Not clear which instruments you mean, or what you have set for dynamics or in the Mixe.r In order to assist, we need you to attach your score and tell us which specific note of which specific staff you find to be softer than you expect.

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The particular sound you chose is a type of "pad" sound (says so right in the name). These are specifically designed to have a slow attack and slow decay. They are intended for long held notes/chords, not moving lines, so they kind of "swell" and bleed together in a pleasing way a little from chord to chord. Change to a long note and you'll hear the note just fine, after the slow attack. That's true of most pad sounds on most synths, nothing unique to MuseScore. If you want to play a melodic line, you need to choose a sound with a faster attack.

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It's kind of ironic to me to hear a very typical 70's synth sound described as "futuristic" :-). But anyhow, but anyhow, no, I don't recommend using a pad at all, since what you are writing there is most definitely not a pad. It's more of a lead line. So I simply suggest that you pic, one of the many electronic synth sounds that are actually designed for leads as opposed to pads. Then you don't have to do any special adjustments or worry about what happens if you have a longer note in the middle of your lead line.

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