Listen to only highlighted staffs

• Apr 20, 2020 - 17:47

Hello, I have this suggestion which contemplates the fact of hearing just the staffs highlighted when played.

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FWIW, this was implemented at one time then backed out after too many complaints from people not understanding why only part of their score was playing, and I can sympathize with that. I think the feature should be added back but accessed by some other command like Shift+space or whatever, so normal playback does what it always has but the new feature is available when desired.. So far though, no real proposals for how that would work.

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Looking at the attached picture I think the suggestion was that only the selected range would play. This would be a Good Thing. It would, of course, restrict one to playing selected instruments on adjacent staves, but even with this limitation I can imagine myself using it quite frequently to play a few measures of a single part rather than having to go to the mixer and hit the solo button, then go back and hit it again after playing the few measures I want to hear.

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Right, but the problem was, people would hit play when there just happened to be a selection that was completely irrelevant to what they wanted to hear (eg, they clicked a single measure of a single staff) and couldn't figure out why all instruments wouldn't play. It's a valid complaint I think, with a simple solution> there needs to be two commands.

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