Note disappears when changing value

• Apr 20, 2020 - 22:23

When inputting actual notes using the mouse and then using the keyboard to change the note values, dotted values etc. the visible note disappears from the screen when any change is made. Only by moving the mouse does the 'disappeared' note refresh/reappear.

Am I the only one that finds this irritating?

I hope that I have explained this sufficiently.

Musescore is such an absolutely fantastic piece of software but this is one feature I would love to see 'corrected'.

Many thanks and hoping it can be resolved.


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  1. Create score for input.
  2. Enter note input mode.
  3. Using the mouse, enter a crotchet (1/4 note) on the first beat of the bar (measure).
  4. Move the mouse to the next beat location and leave it there.
  5. Using the keyboard shortcut, change the note value to minim (1/2 note).
  6. As you change the value the note will disappear from the page/screen.
  7. Move the mouse however slightly and the new value note redraws ready for insertion.

Why can't it just redraw to the new note value without having to use mouse movement?

When I'm using a computer without a piano keyboard attached, on every other score-writing program that I've ever used I always use left hand = computer keyboard/change values; right hand = mouse/insert note/rest at desired location. Never does the note 'disappear'.

The normal assumption is you'll either use mouse or keyboard but not so much both. For those of us who use the keyboard almost exclusively, it's a great thing that the "shadow note" (that's what it's called internally) goes away when you hit any key. But I could see it being annoying if you constantly go back and forth. Ideally there would be some way to support both...

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Marc Sabatella wrote: " But I could see it being annoying if you constantly go back and forth. Ideally there would be some way to support both..."

Is there any chance of of the "Ideally there would be some way to support both..." being implemented at any time in the near future? It still drives me around the twist that if I select a different note value, the display on screen will not update until I move the mouse.

Maybe it could (and should) be implemented as a user option in Preferences.

I always use the combination of mouse and keyboard; it is my preferred method. Surely Musescore should be flexible enough to offer the user the choice!

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There's always a chance, sure, if enough users express a desire for a change here and agree on a design for how it should work in a way that doesn't cause problems for others.

Meanwhile, maybe I'm misunderstand something, but doesn't it work as expected if you simply reverse the two steps - first select duration, then move mouse to the new input location? Seems that would be the workaround for now.

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