New version on Linux (3.4.2) does not recognise my soundcard

• Apr 23, 2020 - 16:56

I've just updated to this version and it is not 'seeing' my sound card. I've used it mostly successfully with previous versions of Musescore. It is trying to use the onboard sound card, which is disabled. The soundcard I'm using is a Soundblaster SB1550 Audigy 5/Rx. My system information also pulls up a name, which is CA0108/CA10300 (Sound Blaster Audigy Series). Can you help?


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Version 2 was the most successful, but version 3 is better when it works. I've got to say that I do not use Windows. The system is exclusively Linux (Ubuntu). Yesterday, on someone's advice, I downloaded Pulse Audio Volume Control and if I run it first the sound quality returns to what it should be. However, if I close the apps and start again, I'm back to square one.
Nothing has changed on my computer.

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I've never disabled any software updates. I had been having trouble with sound quality with the Linux release of version 3, so I kept version 2, which was working fine. However, some of the score-formatting facilities in version 3 were very useful, so I was using it just to format and set up score printing. I always wondered whether having both versions at the same time might have been causing some kind of conflict. So, when the latest version 3 came along, I bit the bullet and purged my system of versions 2 and 3, then newly installed the latest version 3 (I hope I'm making sense), hoping that all my problems would go away. I know, I know. life is never that obliging. Anyway, that is where I am and I'm very grateful for your help and patience. Pulseaudio seems to be the way to go, but I think my sound cards are set up on my system in the wrong order of priority. If I had more technical computing nounce, I would be able to change their order, but I haven't. I am in contact with a Linux forum, however, and I'm hoping someone will furnish me with an idiot's guide to reprioritising one's sound cards. If I could, I would remove the offending sound card, but it's an motherboard inbuilt generic thing. I hope their is something in that explanation that you can get a handle on and say "ah! That's it!". Good luck. I've had a few phantom revelations but nothing that has borne fruit thus far. Cheers!

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If you never disabled automatic updates, then it is quite likely something has changed on your system since the last time this worked. Identifying what that something is would be a good first step. I assume there are logs kept somewhere?

FWIW, on my Linux system (which is very different from yours) a recent OS update affected my sound too, I found I needed to fiddle with the ALSA settings in Edit / Preferences / I/O to get MuseScore working correctly. In my cases, though, it wasn't a matter of not recognizing the card, but of suddenly poor sound quality.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply. If I switch from Pulseaudio to ALSA on the Edit/ Preferences/ I/O the play functions are greyed out. I was getting that sudden poor sound with the previous version 3. I've got a feeling that it now does recognise the card but there is some kind of conflict going on with the way Ubuntu has my sound modules ordered. At the moment, it is: 0 = Onboard (supposedly disabled) card, 1 = Webcam, 2 = SB Audigy. Ideally, I would like them the opposite way around. I've tried removing the webcam, shutting down and restarting. I then get: 0 = onboard, 1 = SB Audigy. If I then reconnect the webcam, the original order is restored. I just tried MuScore and it was perfectly OK, but that doesn't mean it will be OK the next time I boot. It seems to depend on how I've used the soundcard previous to starting MuScore.

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