SFZ files not making a sound

• Apr 23, 2020 - 18:46

I just downloaded Virtual Playing Orchestra 3. I loaded the sfz files in Zeberus and downloaded the wave files and put them in the soundfonts folder, but I'm still getting no sound. How do I fix this?


I have the VPO 2.1 set. No luck in Zerberus either. It has a strange aversion to anything but Sonatina 1.0 lol!
(It even has part of the Sonatina library but still no go.) It has something to do with file configuration. Sounds great in Plogue.

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None of the instructions in the manual will work for VPO. There is one little bit of information I saw on one of the sites where you get VPO from.
you have to have everything that you down load put into one folder. So the file structure is this: Root folder, then everything else in the secondary folders that they download in. No loose files. The root folder goes into the standard MS font folder. Open Zuberes tab and select Load. Hopefully VPO is the only SFZ you have in the folder otherwise you have to fish through a lot of stuff. Anyway you will see a very long list of instruments Select all and OK. In MS you will need to use the Mixer to assign voices.
Good luck. I had trouble getting the correct voice to work in a score on occasion.

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