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• Apr 23, 2020 - 22:40

if you please I need to know how to put headers and footers for my score.
it's really necessary, please reply to me as soon as possible


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It took me a long while to figure out that you need to have a positive margin in order to get to see the footer.

I find that counter-intuitive; as far as I can tell the margins define the useable page area and having a zero top margin doesn't prevent the top text frame (which holds title, composer etc) to appear ON instead of OFF the page.

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Indeed, MuseScore is not as sophisticated in this respect as word processor, there heard/footer is not a separate area but simple text placed don't eh page, you get to pick (based on the offsets in the text styles) whether you want them within the margin or within the page area.

Title frames are totally separate, these are headers but ordinary parts of your score just like any other frames or measures.

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Exactly; MuseScore could provide a simple vertical offset parameter to control the footer location w.r.t. the bottom margin. That should suffice.

Or maybe there's a trick to adding a frame like the title frame but one you get to put where you want? I've never managed to enter one without attaching it to a score element, but I've seen them in scores imported from Audiveris (and thrown them out for getting in the way...).

FWIW, a copyright notice shouldn't have to appear on every page of a score, should it?

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Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but to be clear, there is an offset parameter for the header and footer relative to the margin: it’s the Y offset of the respective text styles (Format / Style / Text Styles, see Header and Footer).

And yes, copyright messages generally appear on first page only, that’s why $C is there [ EDIT: originally I said it was the default, but it's not; I forgot since I use so many different templates, in some of mine I made it the default ]. Although it’s by no means a given that this is appropriate, given the way individual pages might be presented online, so many people do opt for copyright on every page instead.

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