Melody in G-sharp major

• Apr 25, 2020 - 00:41

Wow, it's been a while since I made a post at the Musescore forums, and so much has changed since then.

Here's an early composition for piano written by myself which is titled Melody in G-sharp major, the same name as the subject title. As many of you might have guessed, G-sharp major is the enharmonic equivalent to A-flat major (they sound the same). Consider this key to be the version of A-flat major with sharps instead of flats.

I must admit it's sort of unconventional to write a piece in the key of G-sharp major, and in fact, I had to make up a proper key signature that would fit it well, F-double-sharp and all. This key would be the parallel major of G-sharp minor. It's relative minor would be E-sharp minor, which sounds like F minor.

This piece was written sometime during the early to mid-2000s, I'd say circa 2003, and it is very short in length. I copied the composition note-by-note from the original piece of paper onto a Musescore project earlier today, and you can view it by way of PDF and listen to it on a MIDI file, both of which are attached to this topic.

Note: Please forgive the messiness in the key signature, as there is currently no way to transpose it between different clefs other than manually, as well as no way to even align it properly.

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Additional comment: I recently uploaded my Musescore score for this piece on, but I don't know how to format it into a playable score that can be played in this thread.

Here's a recent example of a thread that has a playable score from within the thread, so that you know what I'm talking about:

Open the MIDI file with MuseScore. Drop an Ab key signature onto the beginning. Choose "tools / Respell pitches". All is then well.

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I tried literally everything you said, but that's not really the answer I'm looking for.

Also, if you're asking that I change the key signature to A-flat major (and rename my piece "Melody in A-flat major"), I'm sorry but I ain't gonna change a single thing about that piece! My piece is in G-sharp major and that's that.

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Do you really have a problem you are trying to solve, or are you just showing how proud you are that you understand what "G sharp major" means? Or is the idea to make it difficult for people trying to play it? There are indeed people who write musical jokes (some of which are funny). But I don't get it.

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If you reread my second post, you'll find this: "I don't know how to format it [the score] into a playable score that can be played in this thread." So I really do have a problem. Sorry for the misunderstanding. :(

As for how to play a piece in G-sharp major, my advice is to play it as if it's in A-flat major, if you so fancy. But as the original composer, I have my liberty to insist that the key signature remain unchanged.

Also, my key signature of G-sharp major was not intended to be a laughing matter, so no wonder you don't think it's funny.

In addition, I understand that some people may not understand what exactly a double-sharp is, and I'm telling all readers right now that the symbol that looks like an "x" is, in fact, a double-sharp. A G-natural is the same as an F-double-sharp.

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Sorry for my late reply, been pretty busy these last few hours. But as for this reply, I'm a bit confused. I'm not sure what you mean by "edit panel". I don't see an edit panel on the forum or the options for editing a forum post. Do you mean a forum post or a feature on Musescore or And forgive me for my confusion, but I'm a visual learner for the most part. Are you able to help me out? If not, perhaps anyone else?

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Click on the three little dots to the left of your message. Select "edit". It will send you to a page where you will see your message in a text box where you can edit it. You will see your enclosure (if you choose a/the message with the enclosure) at the bottom. You will see a header "Display". Click on it.

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Oh, I see, this is in the useless "Made with MuseScore" forum, that shouldn't exist at all. People get confused by it and post their work here; posting your work for others to see iswhat the .com site is for. Not your fault for being confused. You're not reporting a bug at all. If you're trying to expose your work, why don't you just publish it on, which is there for exactly that purpose, is free, and is where people expect to look?

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GREAT! All problems solved! May you write your first symphony in F double-flat major!! Not being able to delete posts is indeed a problem here. You can edit them, and replace all the content by "." if you are totally embarrassed (and fast enough), but these mis-steps are hardly worthy of that.

Well, I thought it was funny. I mean, i tried playing it and my ear suffered, so i opened the file and listened instead. Nice and simple. My program converted it all to a Keyless signature, so i got to see all the colours added to such a simple tune. I liked it.
Maybe the left hand could be more active, but as you said earlier in a comment: there's nothing you would change about it, lol.

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