Suspended Cymbal roll

• Apr 26, 2020 - 22:53

Hello How do I make a good sounding suspended cymbal roll and what cymbal should I use?


find a soundfont to download that has a decent suspended cymbal file and install it for musescore. personally, i'm rather fond of virtual playing orchestras but that's just my opinion....

This SoundFont has been a lifesaver. I had always needed a suspended cymbal/cymbal roll sound, and it took me forever to find this one. It's not very customizable (as in it can only be a certain length), but it at least gets a good cymbal roll sound.

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Here is what I do for timp, tam tam, and cymbal rolls. My favorite is a long (two measure, or so) roll that starts soft and gets louder into a big climax part. I have used this in Sibelius, MU3, and MU4.
I set up two tied whole notes. I put an mp on the first note. Then an f or ff on the note in the third measure (the climax note). Put a creas hairpin between the two dynamics. Now, don't use the buzz roll (Yuck!). Use the 32nd note through the stem tremolo on both whole notes. A little extra reverb may or may not help. In MU4 you can set up a suspended cymbal staff. Worth a shot.

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