Note pitch frequency

• Apr 27, 2020 - 00:40

Good evening.
I notice that when I select a note on the staff, I can view the name of the pitch on the bottom bar. For example Bb2. How can I find the pitch frequencies in hertz? I've looked in the inspector and didn't see what I'm looking for. Any other place to view this information?


That information is not available in MuseScore. There is an overall tuning (defaults to A being 440Hz) that can be seen and changed in Synthesizer, and there is a tuning offset that can get seen and applied to notes via the inspector.

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That would be useful for those of us who are using Musescore to generated audio for import into a DAW. Because once it's in the DAW, I can still refer to the score while I'm generating additional tones in the DAW. Example = I drag audio clips that I have scored into my Audacity. Then, once it-s in Audacity, I can measure the pitches with Pitch Change. But it would also be helpful if I could measure those pitches just by clicking on notes in the score. That will also give me a clue to the intonation. Because A could be 440 or 445 depending on how I have programmed my Musescore. I think? Can I do that? Because I might want to repitch my Musescore at times.

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