A way to Disable/Endable Ties

• Apr 30, 2020 - 12:23

Is there a way to enable/disable ties from sounding during playback.?
It would be rather helpful for composing chorals or orchestra chords etc. where there are notes held for multiple meters
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You wrote:
...there is a note held 5 measures before i have to delete the tie just to hear it once and then rewrite it.

Try this...
Select the 5 measures, right click on a tie, then choose Select -> All Similar Elements in Range Selection, and then press delete. This gets rid of the ties. Listen to the score, then use the 'Undo' button (or Ctrl+Z) to restore the ties.
No need to rewrite.

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If I understand you, the issue is really not so much that you want the tie to go away, you just want to hear the note when you start playback somewhere in the middle. This could potentially apply not just to ties, for instance, if you start playback on beat 3 of a measure in which some instruments have whole notes that started back on beat one, you probably want to hear those too.

So to me, simply making sure that any notes that is currently sounding actual does sound when you start playback - tie or no tie - and having that just always work, not need to enable or disable anything - would be preferable to a feature that literally disabled ties. After all, disabling ties gives you the right sound at the beginning (sometimes) but then screws things up after that.

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