Question about note input modes

• May 3, 2020 - 04:36

Is there a mode that is somewhere between the regular step-time input mode and the re-pitch mode? I use re-pitch very, very often, however it is frustrating that when I get to a rest and want to replace it with a note (same rhythm), I need to change mode back to step-time just to enter that one note, then return to pitch mode.

I guess, the kind of ideal mode I am looking for is one that defaults to step-time if I am entering notes into a previously empty bar, but if I am coming back to work on music that I have already written (i.e. I'm tweaking or modifying something) then it would change to a version of re-pitch that also allows writing over rests. I find the current method of constantly switching input modes to be extremely cumbersome

Anyone have a suggestion?


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