Creting triplets of differing notes.

• May 3, 2020 - 15:00

I am trying to fit two melody triplets to four harmony triplets. The program MuseScore, is pushing the last crotchet into the next bar. Is there a way of resolving this perhaps without (messy) sixteenths? Beginner her with this program. Thanks.

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Well, something odd has happened. It looks like you have managed to make two 5:4 tuplets but that are labelled as 3:4. Can you remember exactly how you made those tuplets?

Aside, why an initial bar of 1/4 with its duration then adjusted?

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I think so. Create the harmony (I did to practice easy triplets with cmd+3). Create the first crotchet then quaver then cmd+3 giving the '3' underneath with bracket, then create the next quaver and crotchet. Stretch the '3' underneath to encompass all four notes. That left a quaver and crotchet rest and I copied the first set into the quaver rest and hey presto! The score I found was in a mess and stuck to a wall as wallpaper (torn out of a book I guess) but looking online I think it is Claydermans Plaisir D'Amour so please tell me why it is constructed thus as I have no idea. Maybe it is non standard? Thanks for looking. I am a beginner piano player for a retirement idea so hoping my 73 year old dyslexic fingers will eventually behave!

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