Pick up measures

• May 3, 2020 - 22:56

I'm transcribing a Bach choral. It's in 4/4. I have a pick up note to begin, then when I get to the last measure of the line there is a repeat, and only three beats in the measure. How do I notate this? Should I make that measure 3/4?


Assuming the remaining beat is in the beginning of the next line, that's really one measure split in two. So use Tools / Measures / Split Meausre Before Selected Note/Rest.

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Current version works just fine with Linux. It might not be in the default repository, but we don't recommend or directly support that anyhow, we always people wanting the latest and greatest AppImage we provide ourselves, see the Download link above.

MuseScore 3 definitely provides a number of new capabilities that didn't exist in MuseScore 2 that are relevant here, but overall, the basic operations are similar.

The pickup measure should not be counted as measure 1. But it's not so. Can I correct this so that measure 1 is the first full measure?

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