New Instrument - Talking Drum

• May 5, 2020 - 00:23

Please add Talking Drum as a Percussion - Pitched instrument in the next MuseScore version.
Also, could you bring back album creation?


How would you envision Talking Drums being added, I don't think there are corresponding sounds available for that

Reimplementing Albums has just been accepted as this year's GSoC project

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Hello Jojo

That is great! It is nice to have the Album again.
Regarding the talking drum, I reckon if we have its notes we can then add talking drum to MuseScore instruments just like the piano, guitar, xylophone and others.
The talking drum has the Do–Re–Mi notes of the Tonic Sol-fa as it mimics the tonal languages. Talking drum comes in different sizes but we can just add Gangan, which is one of the most used.
Please find attached the Do–Re–Mi notes (mid files) of Gangan. Of course, there may be better approaches to the issue and there may be better gangan audio files also.

Attachment Size
do_note_of gangan.mid 1.06 KB
re_note_of_gangan.mid 788 bytes
mi_note_of_gangan.mid 692 bytes

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