Feature Request - make reapeat "R" and tie "+" commands accessible from "normal mode" please!

• May 5, 2020 - 11:52

I can't stress enough, how much more convenient it would be to have commands "R" for repeat "+" for make tie to be fully accessible in "normal mode" and in "range selection" mode. Right now that functionality is restricted to following scenarios:

For repeat command
- from normal mode with a single notehead selected you cannot execute a repeat command. You can only do it if it is range selected, or you are in a note input mode.

Why is it an issue?

There are lot's of situations, where selecting a single notehead and pressing repeat is the fastest and most efficient way to enter the repetition. Having to do a range selection or enter "note input" mode is just an extra step, that could be pretty much spared.

Another issue:
- if you press on the note or chord, then enter note input mode, a "repeat" command will not create a repeated note at once, but will break the tie with the previous note which was there already. It is just not practical, and copying single chords or small note groups becomes a tedious process.
It is always faster to just "repeat" the chord, than input of copy it.

For "tie" command
- the tie command is partially available in normal mode and in a range selection mode. However if a single notehead is selected, you can only make a tie if there is already the same note after the selected one.

If a single chord is range-selected (all notes are blue), the tie will only go from the last selected notehead and only if it was previously clicked. You cannot normally create ties from all the notes of the chord.
Why is it an issue:
- Particularly in combination with "repeat" command it is often a much more efficient way to create tied chords following each other, than through the note input, or via copy paste.
Select a chord - make ties from all notes - press repeat - finished. Super easy. With note input mode it often becomes much more finicky. You have to make sure you don't "destroy" the chord tie by pressing repeat, take care to switch to the correct note value, etc.
Finally you cannot tie the chords on more than one staff, which is something that you have to do a lot for piano music for example.

So my suggestions are:

  1. Make the Repeat and tie commands unrestrictedly functional in both "normal" mode and in the "range selection". I.e. Ability to "repeat" note, or chord in normal mode, without having to range select it.
  2. Make ties behave like a free toggle tool. so that the ties can be created at all times: from normal mode, and from range selection.


To be clear: both of these commands are supported in normal mode. They just work slightly differently, for fairly decent reasons but ones that can certainly be revisited.

Regarding "R", I encourage you to check out the long recent discussion on this: https://musescore.org/en/node/303858, and also the issue that was already filed with a summary of some of the suggestions that came from the discussion - #304051: "Repeat a note" by clicking a notehead then pressing "R" in normal mode. The complications include things like, what if that selected note is in a chord, or if there are notes in other voices at that time, or if the selection is actually a discontinuous multiselection (eg, several different notes that are not adjacent, or even a note plus a dynamic, or a note plus something more random like a clef).

Regarding ties, again, they are already created in normal mode, and not all that differently from how they work in note input mode. As I understood from the issue you also filed on this, the only thing about your suggestion that really adds anything significantly new is that in order for your idea to owkr, it requires the creation of one-sided ties. I think for most people the actual workflow of possible saving one click in the cases where they forgot to enter the tie while still in note input mode is not very interesting. but, the ability to create one-sided ties could be a game-changer for many people.

So to me, that's really the important topic to discuss here - what would a one-side tie feature look like (whether involved from normal or note input mode is immaterial, really - better if it doesn't require normal mode). Remember it has to handle ties into as well as out of a given note, and the playback needs to make sense for the common use cases (ties into repeats or voltas).

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