Making the Coda work

• May 6, 2020 - 22:11

Here is my score. For some reason the repeat to the coda is not working. What have I missed?

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You need to insert the "To Coda" marker at the end of measure 6 and not another coda symbol itself. You may then subsequently edit the text of the "to coda" to include the symbol if you so wish.

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Hi again, this time I need a little help with Fine. I have the repeat working but it doesn't stop at the Fine notation. Probably something simple again? Also, since I am new to this notation thing, would it be possible to add a To Coda where the Fine is now and then add a few Coda bars?


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Concerning your second request: Yes it is also possible to add "d.s. al coda", "to coda" and after it a coda sign inside the score to jump to another measure. But if your coda measures are an alternative ending you've to notate these measures at the end of the score, not inside it.

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