Tempo value not correct

• May 7, 2020 - 15:33

Hello everyone,

I have a strange problem on Musescore related to tempo. I'm handwriting parts in Musescore from a Logic X project I've made (no MIDI import) and the tempo value is having issues. It is down by roughly 10% from the "correct value", regardless the tempo (eg Musescore 97 BPM equals Logic 88 BPM). I did tests using my external metronome and the Logic X metronome. The metronome in the "play" window is set on 100%, the tempo is set on "follow text". The project is in 4/4. I also changed the views, as I saw in different topics, but nothing changes.

For me it seems like a synchronisation problem, wherever that could come from. I also checked that Logic X metronome is correctly set, and my external metronome fits perfectly with the Logic X one.

I hope someone can help me, it's not a vital problem but it drives me mad !

PS. : I'm using Musescore 3.4.2, rev 148e43f on a macbook pro if that can help !


Initially, I was able to reproduce this problem on my MacBook Pro. Actually, in my case, MuseScore's tempo was up by roughly 10% of the correct value. Then I tried it on 3 other computers (all different operating systems) and in those cases the tempo was always correct. Then I went back to my MacBook Pro, restarted MuseScore, and all of a sudden the tempo was correct there as well. So maybe you could benefit from a restart as well.

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