How to pick instrument sounds from different soundfont files

• May 7, 2020 - 21:09

Hi, gang!!!

I wonder if there is an easy way to choose which instrument sound, from which soundfont file, we want to use, ALWAYS, in our scores.

I'm talking about the following scene:

1) We load inside the MuseScore "Synthesizer", 4 different soundfont files:
a) Timbres of Heaven.
b) GeneralUser GM.
c) MuseScore_General.
d) Another (whatever).

2) We decide (because a personal taste reason, only) to use, let's say:
a) Flute sound, from MuseScore_General.
b) Violin sound, from Timbres of Heaven.
c) Timbal sound, from GeneralUser GM.
d) Pan Flute sound, from another soundfont (whatever).

Well, in that condition, I'm talking about to SET, in some part of the MuseScore program, those sounds in a way each time we make a new score, we get, immediately and automatically, the sounds we chosen with the simple fact to pick: "Flute", "Violin", etc etc etc. in the "Instruments" menu.

In other words, I want to know if there is a way to associate, permanently, the instrument names (from "Instrument" menu) with some specific sound, each one from some specific soundfont file, and always get that chosen sounds.

It is intended because, AFTER A LOT OF EXPERIMENTING TIME, I finally discovered the wheel!! Hahahahaha!!!

Seriously, I discovered we have to combine different sounds, from different soundfont files to get the best final result (acoustic experience).

BUT... That sound combination will be full lost when we use another machine (with another configuration). So... There should be some way we could install MuseScore with this extra option, in all the machines we will use.

Did I write my question in the right way? I hope so!!!

Blessings and Greetings from Chile, South America!!!



Just select the instruments and associated wav files and combine them into a new Sf file in a soundfont editor. Make a score template of selected instruments in Msc. and save it. (Make sure the preset numbers selected for the Sf instruments match Msc. instrument definitions.) Load the Sf at the top of the synthesizer and save as default.

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