Writing multiple asynchronous parts sequentially on a single page

• Oct 10, 2009 - 08:12

Hi, newbie here. I want to write four parts: the first one is only 5 bars, the second nine bars, after a four and a half bars rest and two pick-up beats, the third is 11 bars after eleven bars rest, and the final is 15 bars after 22 and a half bars rest and two pick-up beats. I'd like to score the four parts independently, but on a single page, by simply writing the first part, entering a final bar line w/ repeat symbol, then starting on a new line (the text equivalent of a line break) score the next part as a four bar rest symbol, a half-rest, the two pick-up beats, then an opening repeat bar line, the nine bars, and then a final bar line w/ repeat, and similarly for the next two parts. What I don't want is them all "tracking" along the same bracketed staves - too many rests/empty bars that way. But I can't figure out how to do this w/ MuseScore. Please help. Thanks!



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